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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance


Pacific Northwest Pool and Spa Care LLC specializes in pool and spa water maintenance. We are so proud of our team of professionals. All water maintenance for your facility will be personally supervised/performed on site by a Certified Pool and Spa Operator with the National Swimming Pool Foundation. This certification and our year-round continuing education give you and your pool the highest trained professionals in our industry. We provide services to condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels and to residential pools in your neighborhood. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), service providers for Angie's List and Home Advisor.

A typical pool service includes:

  • Your water is tested with a digital photometer and/or a high quality test strip. This is the most accurate testing method in the industry. A higher degree of accuracy means your pool is safer to use and your equipment will last longer.
  • Your pool is vacuumed with our own equipment. Our equipment does not put all of the pool debris into your filter. This greatly reduces your water consumption and chemical usage and as a result, saves you money.
  • Your pool is brushed and netted as needed and the skimmer and pump baskets will be checked and emptied. The pool filter will be checked each visit and backwashed or cleaned as needed (cartridge filter cleaning may incur an extra fee).
  • Records will be kept of each visit to include water parameters and chemicals added to balance the water.
  • Pool chemicals used to balance water are carried on our trucks and are rotated frequently so they are always fresh and full strength. You do not have to store potentially dangerous chemicals at your facility, unless you choose to. We are happy to use your chemicals if you have them.
  • Your equipment is inspected to insure it is safe and running properly.

Pool Service

Vacuum Equipment
The Hammerhead Pool Vacuum removes dirt and debris from your pool into a fine net bag. We do not use your equipment to vacuum so your filter stays cleaner and your pump is saved for important functions like filtering and water circulation. This means you use less water and less chemicals and saves you money too!

Water Testing Equipment
When we test your water's balance, we use the most advanced and accurate testing equipment in the industry. Yes, photometers are expensive equipment for us to carry in our service trucks, but you're worth it. Proper balance protects your pool surface and equipment and keep you and you family safe.
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Weekly Service in the busy Summer Months:
If your pool is used a lot in the warm weather or you keep you pool heated in the Summer, sometimes it is best to have your pool serviced weekly June, July and August. Annual care for your pool would look like this:
December, January, February, March, and April have one service each, May, September and October or November (depending on leaves) have two services each, June, July, and August have four services each and at least one of those months will have a fifth service. You can determine any frequency of visits that best fits your needs.

Bi-Weekly Service in the Summer Months:
If your pool is not used as much in the summer as it used to be and it is not heated all Summer bi-weekly service may be just what you need. It would look like this:
December, January, February, March and April are service once each month, May, September and October or November (leaves) are serviced twice and June, July and August are service every other week.

Annual Pool Service is Beneficial Because:
*Protects your equipment and pool surface
*Reduces metal and biological staining
*No opening or pool closing
*is less costly than service only in the Summer months

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